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The Little Cozy One ................. 
Quality dance weekend since 2003.
 Hands Four
Spring Dance 
in Berea, Kentucky 
April (23-) 24-25-26, 2015
including four great Kentucky bands: 
Berea Castoffs, Coffee Zombies, 
Illegal Contraband, Intellectual Property
+ Four Shillings Short in concert  4/23
and wonderful callers include:
Cary Ravitz, Chris Bischoff, 
Liz Natter, Barbara Ramlow, Joe Wilkie.
Skillful instructors include:
Deborah Denenfeld, Tim Lamm, Paula Harrison, Jan Pearce,
Howard Carlberg,  Shirley Carlberg, Bryce Carlberg, Merrell Fuson.
Great musicians include:
Elise Melrood, David Atcher, Nathan Wilson, Al White, Alice White,
Tripp Bratton, Tom Cunningham, Angela Scharfenburger, 
 A.J. Bodnar, Liza DiSavino, Trent Ripley, Art Mize,  Jacob Hammick.
Enjoy a self-guided hike at Indian Fort Pinnacles during the weekend.

 Main Street Cafe on College Square 
will offer a 10% discount, if you wear your Hands 4 badge.

Visit Berea Center for the Arts - the presenting partner.
Become a Hands Four  FACEBOOK  group member.
Up to 12 workshops.

E-mail contact: 
bca-berea at
Phone: 859-986-7584
Leave a message and your call will be returned.
Presenting partner: 
Berea Center for the Arts
Thanks for support from 
 Contraire Dance Association 
The Folk Circle Association of Berea
Full Weekend, …...…….….... $69
Only 160 weekend passes will be sold.
If you buy a weekend pass it is 
personal and not to be shared with others. Please respect this.
See registration form on next page.
Comfort Inn & Suites offers a 15% discount to dancers. 
Reservations at 859-985-5500  

Be aware. 
These shoes will dance again.
Previous Hands Four Spring Dance Weekends
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w/Mark Hellenberg
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Brittany Bay, Mike Boerschig, Pigtown Alley, Susan Moffett
The Great Bear Trio, Cary Ravitz, Sarah VanNordstrand
The Groovemongers, Darlene Underwood
Hotpoint Stringband, Diane Silver, Chris Bischoff
Jim Morrison, Elkhorn, Clearbranch
Berea Castoffs, Clearbranch, Steve Bennett,  Susan Moffett
Elftones, Contrary Travelers, Cis Hinkle
Ron Buchanan, Hotpoint Stringband
Berea - The Folk Arts and Crafts Capital of Kentucky
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